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(Video) I got to interview the fantastic Yasmine Kabongo - a fantastic lawyer on an international career path. Watch now (57 min) |
New Law Legal Services in South Africa (1 min)Watch now (1 min) | For more insights visit our website and subscribe to Nabii
(Video) Loved chatting to Yesthiel Singh one of SA's youngest and leading GC's, really shaping how the business of law is changing. Watch now (58 min) | (Excuse the long intro!!)
(Video) Mandisa Buthelezi talks to Rob Green about her career to date, fascinating journey and a wonderful professional. Watch now (74 min) | For more insights, please go to Nabii, and subscribe today
Brilliant piece in the Artificial Lawyer about how the Metaverse could be the future for court proceedings.
Tech Investor across Africa, Andre De Wet, talks to Rob Green of GRM.Watch now (63 min) | Fascinating insights into seed funding across the continent.
4 services from us at GRM that you must be aware of
Mental Wellness in the Legal SectorListen now (87 min) | In Episode 1 of "Welcome To My House", our host, Rob Green, welcomes Lawyer/Consultant/Wellness Coach, Freda Levycky, to his home…
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